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Mississippi State's new "Splash Brothers" offensive mentality: "We're always looking to shoot the 3"

New Mississippi State running backs coach and run game coordinator Charles Huff had a special player, and arguably the best player in college football, in Saquon Barkley the past few seasons at Penn State.

Beyond Barkley's physical gifts, and along with the scheme that Joe Moorhead installed at Penn State, running backs coach Charles Huff also brought a unique approach to his position group and that is coming with him to Starkville.

As Huff explains in his introductory presser here at Mississippi State, he wants his guys to have a "Splash Brothers mentality."

"You've got to have a big play mentality. One of the core values in our running back room is we're going to have a Splash Brothers mentality."

"Everyone watches the [Golden State] Warriors play. The Warriors are looking to shoot the three. They're not looking to shoot the two. Now, they'll take the two, but they're looking to shoot the three. Well, we've got the be looking for the home run. A two yard run is great, don't get me wrong, there are times when you need that, but when you get the ball you're looking to hit the three-pointer."

Hear more from coach Huff on that philosophy in the clip (starting at about the 2:30 mark).