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Charlie Strong is playing Texas's best and worst performances on a loop in the locker room

A year ago, the thought would have seemed impossible, too outlandish to actually be true. How could Texas beat both Oklahoma and Baylor and yet still miss a bowl game? And not only would the Longhorns finish 5-7, they'd suffer some horrific, Mack Brown-in-the-Cotton Bowl clunkers along the way.

38-3 at Notre Dame to open the season.

50-7 at TCU the week before beating Oklahoma.

24-0 at Iowa State. Twenty-four nothing to Iowa State! Even Iowa State's coach admitted afterwards Iowa State should never beat Texas by 24 points.

The gap between the 2015 Texas Longhorns' best and worst performances was Grand Canyon-like, and something Charlie Strong has to fix moving forward. With another year under his watch, another top-10 recruiting class bolstered to the roster, Texas's floor should raise along with its ceiling.

To remedy that, Strong has taken an unusual approach -- he's put their past games in front of them on a continuous loop.

"You know, what I did is I took -- like the last few weeks, I've taken a game and I've put it on in the building and one week it may be the Oklahoma game and the next week it may be the Iowa State game, but I put on those games for our players to see and some of them they liked the game and some they did not like, and tried to get me to turn it off, and I said, "Do not touch that TV. Do not turn it off!," Strong said Tuesday.

By reminding his players of their past performances, Strong hopes to make them more familiar with the top end of their potential and infuriated with the bottom end.