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Charlie Strong's message to players on social issues: "Don't be afraid to speak up."

Yesterday we ran a quote from Stanford head coach David Shaw giving advice to players on the right way to speak up on social issues. Today, Texas head coach Charlie Strong provided that example.

Strong visited the Dallas Police Department while in town for Big 12 media days on Monday, and espoused his views on speaking out about social issues during an appearance on SportsCenter Wednesday:

"Last Thursday we had a team meeting and I said to our players: it's all about us uniting. We have a platform, but we have to have the right voice and we have to say the right things. You have to be careful about what you say on Twitter. But also, we know this: our voice carries a lot of weight. When we're out there speaking, it's all about us just being together, uniting together.

I was in Dallas on Monday and I went by the police station there just to let them know that I stand behind what they do, my thoughts and prayers are with them. But also you look at what happened in Minnesota, you look at what happened in Baton Rouge, it's happening all around us... what happened in Orlando.... The race relations, they've been there and that's not going to change. But we can't be afraid to speak up. It's all about uniting together. If we unite together and stand together, it's amazing what we can change, and those changes can happen. As athletes we have a platform, we have a strong voice, don't be afraid to speak up. I tell the players that, if something is bothering you and you don't understand it, come and see me. I'll talk to you about it. I think I have a little bit more age than a lot of you guys.... We have to be smart about how we handle things. Change is going to happen, but the only way change is going to happen (is) there's got to be dialogue, communication, and we can't be afraid to say what we want to say."

Considering the events that have folded in this country just this month, there's never been a better time for highly visible black leaders like Shaw and Strong to provide an example than right now.

Watch the for yourself below: