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Charlotte's new locker room is Club Lit themed

It was a Saturday evening in late November of 2019, the 23rd to be exact, after a 24-13 win over a good Marshall squad that Will Healy took of his shirt in their locker room celebration and the locker room scene that night went viral.

For those who don't recall, here's that scene.

That might not have been the night Club Lit was born at Charlotte, but night is when the phrase became known to the vast majority of college football.

In December of 2020, DJ Alan White - the man behind the Club Lit scene - talked about the importance of Club Lit and the experience it provides for players in Healy's program in an ESPN piece.

"It had a big driving factor in motivating players, something to look forward to in the locker room after a win," White said. "The energy in that locker room is ridiculous, man. It's something I've never seen before. Hearing the coaches speak, the players -- even the mascot is riled up."

There is no doubt that one of the youngest head coaches in college football understands the importance of branding, and that's clear in their new locker room.

The program shared their new-look locker room today, and there is a very distinct Club Lit theme throughout it.

Check it out.