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Charts: Where are your players getting their news?

According to a study of more than 2,000 Americans by Deliotte, the chart you see below represents how the average American gathers his or her news. As you can see, television is clearly the king, radio is mostly antiquated, and everywhere in between stands roughly the same.

Total US

Now let's break it down by age group. Watch how the television bar steadily falls and the social media bar rises as the graphs skew younger and younger.


Among the younger crowd, traditional media - TV, print newspapers and radio - are outnumbered as a primary news source by nearly two to one. Even among the older set of millennials, social media, online newspapers and other online sites (narrowly) beats traditional media.

It's a message we harp on continuously, but only because it never starts being less true: social media is the lens by which your players and your recruits view the world. You had better take advantage of it.

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