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Chatter at Tennessee - Monday November 20

A week ago we shared the first update of what is being whispered and Vol fans and, well....

So....moving on to the latest whispers we're hearing within coaching circles.

Again the disclaimer, we do not know who John Currie will ultimately hire; but this is the chatter...

First rule of a Tennessee update - Always address the #Grumors. Several coaches tell us Jon Gruden has shared with folks at Tennessee and closely connected to Tennessee that he does not consider himself a candidate for the position.

We continue to hear that Jimbo Fisher would listen if called. This is really fascinating. Again, we have no idea if Jimbo would be offered the position (or Texas A&M for that matter) but even the suggestion that he would listen is telling.

David Cutcliffe is a viable candidate. We heard it early on and we keep hearing it.

Several coaches have mentioned to us that John Currie is a Wake Forest alum, and is quite fond of the place. In the same breath they add Dave Clawson continues to do an outstanding job as a collegiate head coach. In his final two seasons at Fordham he won 19 games. In final three at Richmond he won 26 games. Final two at Bowling Green he won 18 and now in the past two at Wake he has won 14 games. The man is a good football coach. He had a tough 2008 season at Tennessee as OC; but you live and learn. Could Currie make this hire after exploring all options? Some coaches we've spoken with believe the answer is yes.

We continue to hear the whispers that Mike Leach could be in play...

We've seen the chatter from many a writer that Dan Mullen is the best fit; but we aren't hearing his name connected to this search that often from coaches we've spoken with. Last week we wrote the downside for Mullen in making a move like this seems to outweigh the upside.

Scott Frost - Most coaches we've spoken with believe Frost is a better candidate at both Florida & Nebraska; but we heard from a coach yesterday "Frosty could wind up in on Tennessee." Separately one coach told us last week UCF AD Danny White is telling people in the profession he does not expect Frost to leave UCF. Its one thing to say that publicly; but to say it to industry insiders is interesting.

We mentioned both PJ Fleck & Jeff Brohm last week. Add Willie Taggart to the list as well. If this search was occurring one year ago all three likely would have been high on Currie's list. A look at their respective buyouts...

Several national writers have floated Greg Schiano's name. Might happen but we haven't heard that much in the wind. Updated 6pm> Some in the profession reached out to us today to say don't discount Schiano's chances. Some we've spoken with today said Currie believes if some other things don't fall into place that Schiano could be the guy.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest news in the coaching profession.