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Check out the 22 song playlist Bill O'Brien blares at Texans practice


 Back in May of last year we highlighted Chip Kelly's playlist. Today The Houston Texans provided a glimpse at Bill O'Brien's practice playlist of 22 songs he uses with the Texans.

As you can see, O'Brien's playlist is all over the place; from Whitesnake to some Jay-Z, and it even has some Darius Rucker thrown in there. According to the Texans website, O'Brien has to have one of the younger guys listen to it to make sure it's both "respectful and clean".

“I like a lot of different types of music: country, rap, all kinds of music. I just make sure that it’s very respectful music, clean music, because I don’t always know all the words, so I have to listen to it really carefully or have one of the younger guys listen to it for me. That’s my music. Some guys are complaining already about it but that’s too bad.”

See the full list and listen to it via this link, courtesy of Spotify.