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Photos: Check out these custom high school helmets


The Pikeville high school (KY) football team had a team meeting earlier this week to unveil these new helmets, and while I really get a kick out of the college uniform / helmet unveiling reaction videos, I would have loved to have a camera in the room when the team saw these.

In my head I picture the reaction being a step or two down from this reaction, which is the reaction video that all others are measured to.

From what we;ve gathered from the people we've talked to, both of these logos represent firsts in Kentucky high school football. The logo pictured in the upper right is believed to be the first, and only carbon fiber styled decal of its kind in the state, and the Panther logo in the upper left is also believed to be the first full full side decal in the state.

The full size Panther logo looks really sharp in both design, and placement in my opinion.

It's quite the combination, and one that I'm sure the kids absolutely loved when they did the big unveiling.