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Check out the touching message a strength coach sent to his team after learning adminstration decided to shut down the football program

The football program at Humboldt State (D-II - CA) has been in headlines for all the wrong reasons the past few seasons, leading to a coach resigning and blasting the school's administration on his way out. The program has been struggling to find footing on solid ground ever since, and then word came earlier this week that the administration came to the decision to cut the program following the 2018 season.

Put yourselves in the shoes of coaches and players, particularly upperclassmen, at that point. Can you imagine the disappointment and frustration? Even though the adminstration has shown that they don't value the program, you're still expected to find the motivation to prepare for your curtain call season.

That's where Humboldt State strength coach Drew Petersen comes in. Take a look at the message he shared to the team the day after the announcement came out.

Petersen is a longtime loyal member of the Humboldt State staff, starting the strength and conditioning program back in 1991, and he works with all sports programs at the school so it's evident that his love runs runs deep for the program and he feels for all involved.