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Chip Kelly: "We don't get caught up in 'What does it look like?"

In the history of football, there are a few coaches names that really stand out as innovators. Chip Kelly is, without a doubt, one of those names based on his body of work at Oregon, especially on offense.

The super fast tempo that the Ducks played at has inspired countless other programs to try and imitate it.

Now at UCLA, after going 28-35 as a head coach in the NFL with the Eagles (three seasons) and the 49ers (one season), Kelly told reporters that he's not trying to revolutionize anything.

"When I first came into this league, there weren't many teams running a spread offense and wearing shiny helmets, and now everyone runs the spread offense and wears shiny helmets."

"I think the game itself has changed. So I think that you have to change with it,' Kelly shared. "We’re just trying to figure it out. We’re not trying to revolutionize. It’s not a revolution. It’s an an evolution. It’s how do we put the players that we have right now in position to make plays. And what’s that look like? I don’t care.

"What we don't get caught up in is 'What does it look like?' It's just 'How does it work?' So whether we're driving a car that looks good on the outside, as long as it gets me from point A to point B I'm happy."

"Whether we run for a first down, throw for a first down, or have someone pick someone else up and carry them for a first down, it's still a first down."

Hear more from Kelly's time at the podium, including what he was up to in his year away from the sideline, in the video.