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Chip Kelly: "I'm not Mr. Miyagi, just tell me if they can go or not"


Chip Kelly is a lot of things; an innovative offensive mind, a very successful head coach, and bluntly honest with the media.

One thing that Chip Kelly is not is Mr. Miyagi.

"Just tell us who's up, who's down, and who can go...that's all it is" Kelly told reporters on what he looks for from the Eagles' training staff.

When a reporter asked about all the detailed information, like sleep patterns, that he has access to, and why he doesn't want specifics details from the training staff he responded by explaining, "I can affect their sleep habits. I can't affect their injury though."

"If a guy tears a muscle, I'm not Dr. Miyagi, I can't put my hands together, rub them together, and touch his leg and make it all just tell me who can play and who can't play."

"I'm really good at deciphering what we can control, and what we can't control, and we can't control that, so let's go play."