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Chip Kelly's latest innovation includes a remote control car at practice

The Oregon spread no huddle, signaling in plays through a series of pictures, and somehow getting an entire play call down to one word. That's just a short list of the offensive innovation that Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been a part of.

Now, there is another one to add to the list, and it includes a remote control car.

Since Kelly and his staff aren't allowed to be one the field with his team right now (due to NFL restrictions in "phase one of the off season") Kelly decided to get creative. We're talking like second grade genius / Home Alone kind of creative.

Philadelphia seventh round pick Beau Allen described an encounter with coach Kelly during a recent piece in Philadelphia magazine:

“I was sitting and waiting to go in and meet with [Howie Roseman] and all the front office guys, and Coach Kelly was driving around a little remote control car –they use it out on the field because they can’t do motions — and he drove it right into me and was like, ‘Oh, hey Beau, how are you doing?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, Coach.’ ” Allen told the magazine.

So not only has Kelly found a way to keep an eye on practice with the RC car, but he's also found a way to simulate motions during practice...which the NFL has also oddly restricted during this phase of the off season schedule.

Are there no limits to Kelly's innovation? 

Read the full piece here.