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Chris Doyle out in Jacksonville

The Chris Doyle comeback lasted all of one day.

After announcing the former Iowa strength coach as the Jags' new director of sports performance on Thursday, Urban Meyer faced immediate backlash that did not subside with his attempt to wave away any concerns.

"I vet everyone on our staff, and our relationship goes back close to 20 years, so there were a lot of hard questions asked, and a lot of vetting involved with all of our staff," Meyer said. "But we did a very good job vetting that one."

The executive director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance came out against the hire on Friday, calling it an example of the "good ol' boy network" that the Alliance has spent 20 years trying to disassemble.

And by Friday night the Doyle era was over.

This entire episode was an unforced error by Meyer and the Jaguars and a crash course example for Urban that he's not in Columbus anymore.

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