Adversity is a reality of human life, but our response to adversity determines how the inevitable downturns of life shape us. For parents, that is doubly so, because we shape the reality of our children’s lives.

Chris Fowler’s reality as a 14-year-old was shaped by his father’s lung cancer diagnosis, and then his parents’ decision to keep him and his brother in the dark about his father’s illness, right up to his dad’s ultimate passing.

On Monday, he posted an Instagram video sharing his perspective going through something like that as a child and encouraging parents to share their life struggles with their children.

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This video was tough for me to make and may be tough to watch. Personal, sad, dark. It’s stepping out of character to post this.. in the hope that it offers perspective and maybe a little support for the far too many families that are hit by the freight train of Diagnosis Day and the collective fight that follows.

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