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Chris Petersen has landed a new job at UW

Chris Petersen, who stepped away from coaching back in early December and handed the reigns of the Washington program to defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake, has a landed in a new role at Washington.

Petersen has been announced as the Fritzky Chair in Leadership at UW's Foster School of Business. The position was established in 2003 "to enable the school to bring leaders in to mentor and collaborate with students, staff and faculty.

The funny part about this new appoint for Petersen? At his press conference announcing his departure, he described this new role almost word-for-word.

I do have a lot of passion and ideas about helping others. I have been through so many things in this business, that I think I can help other people in this business and maybe outside of it, and I have a lot to learn as well. I'm excited to go learn some thing that I really haven't been able to figure out." Petersen shared at the December 3rd presser announcing a coaching change.

Then, at about the 29:20 mark of the video below, Petersen shares:

"I'm passionate about excellence. I love being around people that do their job at a high level. That's inspiring to me. But I'm passionate about team building and I'm passionate about leadership. I'm passionate about culture."

"We hear those words all the time, and they're cliches. i think there's not a lot of people who have it really figured out on how to build a team and how to build leaders. I'm still learning and figuring that out with all the things that I've been through, and I'm really excited to go learn more and then pass that information on to different people that I think want it and it can help with. That'll happen down the line after taking a step back for a little bit."

It's safe to say that with the announcement, that time has come for a role Petersen is excited about at a place he cares a great deal about.

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