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Cincinnati is giving a new meaning to "Juice" under Luke Fickell and Brady Collins

Attend an off season workout at Cincinatti under new head coach Luke Fickell's director of sports performance Brady Collins and you're going to hear the word "juice" a fair amount.

"When we say the word 'juice' it doesn't refer to what some people think it means, it's how you carry yourself, it's a mindset, the way you go about your business every day, having energy. It's high intensity. It's uptempo, and that's what it's all about."

Under Fickell and Collins, Cinci took their very first morning workouts outside to the snow to show the players what the new staff was all about for what the staff likes to refer to as "attention training."

"Coach Fickell said in his first team meeting that you've got to have blind faith. You've got to tear your chest open, and give us your hearts because that's what we're here to do for you."

"We're instilling a culture,' Collins explains in the clip. "A culture of tough demeanor, the easy way is not the way that things are going to be done here, you're going to fight for everything you do and work for everything you do. There's a culture that we have to instill here, and that's what last week was."

Hear more from Collins on the changes being implemented at Cinci in the clip.