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The CJ Wilson fireworks tragedy can be a teaching moment for coaches



This past week around the holiday I have seen more "playing with fireworks gone bad" headlines than I have ever seen before.

The most recent headline making its way around social media involves Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner C.J. Wilson, an undrafted free agent out of NC State who has been in the league for two seasons. Wilson reportedly lost two fingers in a fireworks accident while spending the holiday with friends and family, according to the Lincoln Times-News.

It's a heart-wrenching story that could have been avoided, and if a disaster like that can strike a young, up-and- coming NFL player, it could happen to anyone, and potentially derail your career.

Since a good portion our audience of is coaches who interact with high school and college aged kids during a pivotal stage in their lives, we felt that there is a lesson in here to share with your team because real life situations and consequences tend to carry the most weight.

It's a terrible situation, but as coaches, we can use it as a teaching opportunity.