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Claeys: "The most uncomfortable part (of being a head coach) is the coat and tie"

New Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys had been an interim head coach before in the event of health issues with Jerry Kill, but until this morning, he had never sat at the head of the table as the permanent head coach.

That is, until Minnesota's announcement today that they were lifting the interim tag and naming Claeys head coach of the Golden Gophers with a three-year deal.

At his presser this morning, Claeys was asked if he "had to go out and buy some more suits" as the new face of the university.

"Uh, yes. This jacket I did," Claeys responded. "I actually had to hurry out and get this done."

"When you say 'What's the most uncomfortable part of the job?' It's the coat and tie. I'd much rather wear a sweater, but I told Beth [Goetz - the interim athletic director] that one of her main jobs now is that when we schedule events, to let me know what the attire is supposed to be."

"I'll get more comfortable as the days go by."

Do a simple Google image search on Claeys and you'll see what he means. Crew neck sweatshirts is his clear clothing of choice, but that all changes today with his new role.