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Want to be a head coach? Clay Helton says it's about a lot more than being a good guy: "This is a production based business"


Ask anyone that knows newly appointed USC head coach Clay Helton and they'll tell you that the quality of his character is just as good as the quality of coach he is.

Helton has led the Trojans to a 5-2 mark Since taking the reigns from Steve Sarkisian back in October and is leading the program into a rematch against Stanford in the Pac-12 title game on Saturday.

On the Dan Patrick show this morning, Helton talked about why being a good guy in the coaching profession isn't good enough by itself to get a head coaching job.

Helton, who led the Trojans for their Las Vegas Bowl appearance against Fresno State following the 2013 season, started by explaining that he "had blinders on" for the first seven weeks of his second interim appointment.

"You've got to focus on your kids, and helping them win football games if you want to be successful, obviously, even at the beginning when I was named interim, I wanted to be the head coach permanently, but to do that the primary focus you have to have is helping your kids, and helping them win ball games, and they all add up at the end of the season and see if that's good enough to get the job."

"We're in a production based business, and that's the reality of it" Helton told Dan Patrick this morning. "You can be a good guy, but at the end of the day, you've got to get your job done."

Listen to the full interview below.