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Clemson Football - Team Commandments


Clemson's new football facility is nearing completion and it is going to be spectacular. This is the type of place that players won't want to leave, with every modern day luxury afforded to them under one roof.

With such a nice facility being built for them, Dabo wants to ensure that his players always remain focused on the Commandments that his program is built upon. Accordingly, every locker will have the following Commandments engraved into it:

Clemson Football - Team Commandments

  1. Go to class and be engaged
  2. Be a good citizen
  3. Great effort: ALL THE TIME
  5. Decide to be successful (Your Choice)
  6. Expect to be successful (Your Choice)
  7. Clemson Football is 60 minutes or as long as it takes to finish
  8. Toughness! Mental and Physical
  9. Maintain a positive attitude no matter What the Circumstances
  10. Never lose faith
  11. Do everything with passion and enthusiasm
  12. Don't expect more from your teammates that you are willing to give
  13. Have a genuine appreciation for each other's role
  14. Be Coachable: Learn to handle criticism
  15. BE ALL IN!
  16. HAVE FUN!