Clemson shares special Dabo Swinney video: "Dream Big"

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Dabo Swinney's rise from Clemson wide receivers coach and one of the best recruiters in the nation, to interim head coach and what many considered at one time to be a unorthodox choice as head coach, to architect of one of the best college football programs year in, and year out now is something that will be talked about for decades to come.

Today, for the first time ever, two assistants from one program captured the Broyles Award in back-to-back years as he continues to surround himself with great coaches, and even better individuals to improve the on-the-field product at Clemson. Perhaps most importantly, he's done it his way.

Dabo's journey and story is just as genuine as it is special so it's fitting that today, the Tigers shared a video highlighting Dabo's journey from his emotional introductory presser, to the podium as last year's national champions, with words from Dabo and reminders of his accomplishments throughout the video.

Everyone in coaching, and fans alike, can sit back and enjoy and appreciate this one from the folks at Clemson.

It's appropriately titled Dream Big.


— Clemson Football (@ClemsonFB)


— Clemson Football (@ClemsonFB) December 5, 2017

">December 5, 2017