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Clemson's Fiesta Bowl hype video is picture perfect

Sports Illustratedtook a long, detailed look this week at the resources Ohio State and Clemson are plunging into new media in the ever-waging battle for recruits' attention. Understanding that type of commitment is the perfect backdrop for the premise of Clemson's latest hype video.

Tonight's Fiesta Bowl -- and the Peach Bowl preceding it -- is important not only for what's on the line, but for everything that went into it. The coaches and players involved in these games have devoted their seasons, their years, their lives into these games. One from each semifinal will move on to the championship game, and the other will go home empty handed.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we watch. Because we know what's to come in the future, and because we understand what everything that came before this.

This video, with a quality high enough ESPN could slide it into tonight's broadcast and no one would notice, captures that perfectly.

Everyone sees what happens under the bright lights...

Few see the hard work, dedication & sacrifice that success

— Clemson Football (@ClemsonFB) December 31, 2016