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The climb to NFL head coach is tough, but the starting point and rise of this current NFL head is impressive

Nearly everyone who chooses the coaching profession has an interesting story behind how they got started, and how they had to pay their dues and climb the ladder. Every one of those stories is unique and full of learning experiences.

NFL head coaches are no different. With only 32 jobs available, at what many consider the pinnacle of the profession, the climb of the ladder to NFL head coach is daunting. Simply rising to the that post is impressive in itself, but when you hear about the journey some had to make, it can be really impressive.

As Hard Knocks points out, one current high regarded head coach in the league actually got his start as a secretary.

As Jon Gruden lays out in the clip, LA Rams head coach Sean McVay wanted to get his start in the NFL so badly during Gruden's last season in Tampa as head coach of the Bucs, he and his people carved out a spot for McVay as a secretary.

"He wanted to get in the NFL, so we made him a secretary, really, just to get him in the building.

Gruden said next thing he knew McVay, who was essentially a volunteer, was working with the wide receivers and starting to contribute to game plans.

"He didn't make any money, and he got to learn. He got to fast-track his coaching career, and I'm really proud of him," Gruden added.