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Coaches and opponents come together to find ways to creatively honor hospitalized teammate during game


A few weeks ago, the Siegel HS (TN) team and community found themselves in a scary situation when one of their players had to be airlifted to a hospital after suffering a head injury.

That player, Baylor Bramble, had to have surgery to remove pressure forming on his brain and we understand he still remains in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The next week against Coffee County Central HS (TN), to honor Bramble, the Siegel community sold shirts in an effort to raise money for the family. Boosters at Coffee County (the opponent) bought 65 shirts for their players to wear on game day, and during their pre game warm up routine.

Before the game, the two coaches (Ryan Sulkowski of Coffee County HS and Greg Wyant of Siegel HS) got together to talk about ways that they may be able to honor Bramble.

Wyant decided to honor his downed player by playing the first play with 10 players. Sulkowski and his team decided on returning the kickoff to the 33 yard line (Bramble wore #33), and on their first offensive snap, they took a knee.

Immediately following those touching gestures, the two teams met at midfield and joined in prayer, not as opponents, but as brothers united to honor Bramble and his family during this difficult and emotional time.

This is what football and community is all about, folks.

The local news was there to cover the story. Take a look at their coverage of the situation below.