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A coach with back-to-back state title appearances was forced to resign after a bizarre dispute and strange midseason agreement

Drey Trosclair has taken the Ascension Catholic HS (LA) team to back-to-back state title games, and was named by sports writers as the 2017 Class 1A coach of the year for their special season last fall.

Trosclair, who also serves as the school's athletic director and had been with the school since 2014, has compiled a record of 23-5 over the past two seasons, but was forced to resign recently because of some bizarre differences and demands from the administration at the school.

First off, according to The Advocate, early on in the season he was forced to sign a contract promising to not run up the score on other teams and to try and keep games within 14 points.

But wait, the story gets even better.

The final straw for the administration apparently came in the week leading up to the state title game after Trosclair submitted a list of names of people he felt deserved sideline passes. The list included some of his family, as well as some boosters that helped provide things like team meals. After seeing the list, the school asked him to remove the names of the boosters, many of which were on the sideline for last year's state title game with the team with no issues. The boosters were able to go through other channels to get their passes and were on the field on game day, leading to school administrators feeling "embarrassed and betrayed."

The team ended up losing the division IV title game to Lafayette Christian, 56-7.

On Wednesday, Trosclair was called into the office and was told that not only was he being let go, but that he also wasn't going to be allowed to address his team. Trosclair left a message for his guys on the dry erase board on the way out, and also had one of his assistants read a statement to players before eventually talking to the paper to get his side of the story out.

The Advocate has a full run down of the story here.

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