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Coach calls out ESPN for criticism of his high school quarterback on C'Mon Man segment

The C'Mon Man segment has been one of the few things I look forward to nowadays when turning on ESPN.

However, many coaches (including myself) feel the the segment recently took things too far in their criticism of the Arkansas high school quarterback who went viral for taking a knee too soon. We covered the situation earlier this week in stating our case for why we, as coaches, should have two distinct plans for the Victory formation at the end of games.

In the ESPN piece, which you can catch below, Randy Moss calls out junior quarterback Braden Fike pretty harshly. Moss adds insult to injury at the end of the segment with a comment pointed directly at the high schooler, stating "Braden should have understood the rules of the game! C'Mon man!"

Fike stood up for himself on social media, noting how the mistake won't define him. You call tell from Fike's response that he mature beyond his years and has been taking the coaching points of his coaches to heart, especially after the adversity he and his squad faced in that game.

That sentiment from Fike was followed up by a pointed tweet from his head coach, former Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback Casey Dick, who redirected full responsibility back at himself in a tweet that tagged ESPN directly.

Bravo to coach Dick and Fike for how they both handled this situation.

See the tweet, as well as the segment many felt was off base, below.