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Coach O drops a zinger on Texas A&M

I'm going to say this as diplomatically as I possibly can: Texas A&M fans have always been extremely, uh, resourceful at memorializing their school's landmark victories.

In 2006, when the A&M snapped a 6-game losing streak to Texas by taking a 12-7 stunner in Austin, Aggies across the globe made sure to check in with their Longhorn friends and family each time the clock showed 6:48. You know, twelve to seven.

Old habits die hard, and when Ed Orgeron learned Texas A&M had commemorated their 74-72, seven overtime victory over LSU from 2018 onto cups. The win was A&M's first over LSU since 1995.

Asked about that recently, the LSU head coach hit back with a zinger of his own.

"I hope they put the score of last year's game (on there)," he said. "They won't sell many cups with that one."

In case you've slept since then:

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.03.57 AM

While obviously it hurts to lose -- especially 50-7 -- in a way Coach O's quip was a compliment. Just as lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep, coaches don't toss barbs at programs that never beat them. (Well, unless you're Ohio State and the opponent is Michigan. Wait, did I say that out loud?)

LSU returns to Kyle Field for the first time since 74-72 on Nov. 28.