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A coach-official argument escalated to the ref pulling a knife on coach during youth game

In Knoxville over the weekend, an argument between a coach and official at a youth game went off the rails.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, referee Arnold Jay Davis III was arrested following a confrontation with Fulton Falcons youth coach Antonio R. Hamilton. Following an on-the-field argument, Davis kicked coach Hamilton out of the game and then declared the game a forfeit.

Then things got even more interesting, per the article:

"As both teams were leaving the field, Hamilton started an argument with Davis and at some point stated that he was going to kill him (Davis), according to the defendant," the arrest warrant reads. "No one else at the scene could corroborate that."

As a Knox County Schools resource officer stepped between the two men, "Mr. Davis pulled a large pocket knife out of his back pocket and held it down by his side. He stated that he never opened the knife, but had it in his hand."

The youth game included teams of 9-year old boys and the particular game was being used as a fundraiser of sorts outside of each team's traditional season.

Just a good reminder to stay safe out there folks, and remember that as great as football is, it's simply a game at the end of the day.

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