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This coach perfectly explains what it means to be all in

Every football coach in the country wants his team and his staff to be all in. Gene Chizik famously built his coaching philosophy around the phrase, and each and every one of his peers seeks the same amount of buy-in from his team even if they don't use those words explicitly. Truly, no team, no organization can accomplish anything without the utmost level of commitment from those involved.

Del Norte High School coach Bruce Binkley has the concept of "all in" figured out. "Most people don't do it because they're scared of it," he says in the video below. "Because it's going to hurt. Most people aren't all in as fathers because it hurts."

But when people come to grips with the cost of ultimate commitment, Binkley says, the rewards are worth the pain it took to get there. "Once you go all in, you've won and you don't even realize it. You've won. Game's over, and you've won," he says.

This is 9-minutes of in-your-facing, tough-love coaching greatness. You'll be glad you watched this.