I think we can all agree that, as much as we wish it weren’t true because we see the unique value in it, football isn’t necessarily a game meant for everyone. With that said, you certainly don’t have to coach very long to hear a full run down of excuses from the kids who decide that the game we’ve dedicated much of our lives to isn’t for them.

The longer you coach, the more creative the excuses you’ve probably heard.

That brings me to a Twitter thread I came across from Glynn Academy (GA) head coach Rocky Hidalgo, where he has some fun in saying that he’s created an app that translates some of the common excuses that many kids use to quit, or not show up for football-related things.

Coach Hidalgo goes on to share a number of excuses and lighthearted translations that will have you grinning at the very least. Most are pretty universal across all sports.

A few other coaches weighed in as well…

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