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Coaches Challenge: How fast can you do 100 push-ups?


Last night we noticed this tweet from the good folks at FAU.

While some people around the office may be referring to him today as the "push-up-machine", Roger Harriott is actually the assistant head coach and running backs coach for the Owls.

100 push-ups in 54 seconds is very impressive, but we couldn't help but wonder if there is a coach out there that can top it.

Of course, competitors that saw that tweet felt a burning desire to top it, and coach Ro of Crosby HS (TX) was the first to publicly accept the challenge. More have since followed suit with action.

Now the challenge being officially administered to everyone reading this article. Can you beat coach Harriott's 100 push ups in less than a minute? Let us know if you get it beat @FootballScoop.

Are you up for the challenge?