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Coaches, don't cancel your satellite camp plans just yet


The satellite camp furor has died down for now -- U.S. Department of Justice notwithstanding -- but a final resolution awaits just 48 hours from now.

On Thursday, the NCAA's Board of Directors will meet for a regularly scheduled meeting that primarily serves to rubber-stamp legislation proposed and forwarded by the organization's various committees and working groups. However, the April 8 ruling to ban all off-campus football camps, effective immediately, ignited a flame the NCAA Division I Council could not have seen coming.

In the weeks since it's become apparent members of the D1 Council simply did not comprehend with what they were voting on or its ramifications. UCLA athletics director Dan Guerrero and Texas State athletics director Larry Teis have been revealed as voting against what the majority of their conferences wanted.

Simply put, our strong presumption is that the Board of Directors will hold back on the satellite camp, with the likeliest outcomes being either tabling the idea for 6-to-12 months (while possibly forming a Special Council on Satellite Camp Working Group) or allowing Group of 5 programs to travel to Power 5 campuses.

Either way, expect word to break around 48 hours from now that satellite camps have had their turn with Miracle Max and returned from the dead.