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Coaches - This one is for your wife

Coaches pour an incredible amount of effort, time, heart, and love into their teams every year and they give up a lot in their personal lives to work with young men during football season, but I don't think that anyone will argue that no one gives up more than the wives of coaches.

Behind a number of coaches, regardless of their success or struggles, stands a wife who holds down the house and makes dinner for the kids while he's at practice, she puts the kids to bed and then often crawls into an empty bed at night while her husband ties up loose ends in an effort to get a win on Friday night.

The Dallas Moms Blog recently published a piece entitled It's Football Season - Hug The Coach's Wife. The article is a great ode to the wives of coaches in all sports, but specifically football.

The most poignant part of the article is where author Rachel Randolph points out 10 things that people can do to provide a little encouragement to the wives of coaches during the season. They include things as simple as thanking her, and learning her name, to being considerate of their family time, and encouraging their marriage, as well as a number of other great suggestions.

So if you see a coaches wife at a game later this week, whether it's the head coach's, one of the coordinators, or an assistant, be sure to thank them, and show your appreciation for what they sacrifice by taking part in one of the suggestions in the article.

It would mean a lot to them, and the men they stand beside and support during the fall.

Head here to read the whole thing.