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Coaches rank the top five factors when considering a coveted Texas high school job

One of the most anticipated football publications every year is the release of Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine highlighting high school football in the Lone Star state like no other outlet can.

Campbell's insight and coverage online and in print has established itself as a sports bible of sorts, especially among Texas high school football coaches.

That brings me to a small section Campbell included in the 60th edition of the magazine recently released that caught my attention. Coaches were asked to rank five factors in order of most important to least important to them when considering a Texas high school head coaching job.

The choices were; Salary, Facilities, Location, Talent Pool, and Administrative Support.

Before you peek down at the results, imagine being in the running for a coveted Texas high school head coaching job. How would you rank those five things?

Among the coaches asked for the magazine, the top choice got an overwhelming 52% of the votes, essentially running away with the top spot. Second place wasn't even close.

Administration might want to take a look at this and reconsider that multi-million dollar stadium and invest in supporting their coaches, considering how coveted that is in a coaches decision making process.

High school coaches out there, or college guys that would consider the right Texas high school job, do you feel like this is accurate?