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Coaches' Wives: A documentary film


Bleacher Report

The unsung heroes of winning seasons, bowl trips, last second victories, and individual triumphs of players are the ones who aren't in the office studying film into the morning hours, they're the ones tucking the kids into bed, making sure they've brushed their teeth, and are sitting at the edge of the bed reading them a bedtime story, along with everything else behind the scenes that enables their husband to make the difference in the lives of young men.

In other words, they're the wives of coaches. Now, in this documentary from Jonathan Moore, they get to tell their side of the story.

"It's so unique to be a coaches wife. Unless you are a coaches wife and you are there in it, you really don't understand - you think you do, and to some degree you do - but you don't really, really get it." Mindy Rice, the wife of UNLV men's basketball coach Dave Rice explains to open the teaser clip.

The documentary continues with one-on-one interviews with the wives of high school, college, and professional coaches and their perspective on being the unsung heroes behind their husband's success, and the sisterhood bond that they have with other coaches wives.

"Long ago, I realized that his job was coaching...and my job was everything else." one quote at the beginning of the clip reads.

It's great to see the unsung heroes that stand beside coaches through thick and thin get a voice like this. Even though it's just the teaser to the full length version, you can tell that this is very well done, and coaches and their wives will be making time to sit down and watch the full-length version together.

Now go home - or better yet call right now - and tell your wife thank you for all that she does. If you're not married, you might want to bookmark this video to show "the one" when your paths cross.