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#CoachesCorner: The Omega and the Alpha

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Today's #CoachesCorner is from former James Madison (FCS - VA) head coach and college coaching veteran Mickey Matthews. Coach Matthews is a three-time National Coach of the Year who helped two programs win national championships. As head coach at James Madison, Matthews won the 2004 FCS National Championship. In 15 seasons as head coach at JMU, Matthews' teams won 109 games. After serving as defensive coordinator at the FBS level for two seasons, Matthews most recently coached linebackers for the Dallas Renegades of the XFL.

I always believed you could put almost all prospective recruits in two distinct categories.

The first guys, the OMEGA guys, their goal was to get recruited. They enjoy all the publicity the recruiting services generate. They love all the attention that goes into the recruiting process. Having an exciting signing ceremony was their #1 goal. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. The signing date was the end of their journey. They do not love football - they love recruiting.

I wanted ALPHA guys. The signing ceremony was only the beginning. Football is a high priority in their life. Getting an education is a high priority. They knew how much hard work was in their future and could not wait to get started. Many of these guys tolerated the recruiting process because they want to go to school and play ball.

A good recruiter recognizes the difference in these two groups of players.

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