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Coaching legend Bill Curry explains why football is so important to American communities

This morning marked the end of an incredible 16-year run for the Mike & Mike Show, and throughout the morning a number of different people (from everyday listeners to media personalities and other celebs) called or appeared on the show to share their favorite memories.

Arguably the best story came from legendary college coach Bill Curry, who led programs at Georgia Tech, Alabama, Kentucky, and then was tabbed to start up Georgia State's program in 2010 before retiring at the end of the 2012 season when he then became an analyst for ESPN. While there, he worked with Golic doing game commentary for the worldwide leader.

That helps lead into this great story from Curry that took place just after the September 11th attacks while Curry and Golic were carpooling to a game because ESPN didn't want them flying anywhere. They were awaiting word on whether the games would be played when Curry stopped for gas at a small town gas station in Alabama.

Curry launches into a heartfelt two-minute story and explanation where he ends up sharing why football is so important to American communities, and it's pure gold.

WOW! This message from @coachbillcurry is so so needed right now in our country.

— Jason Romano (@JasonRomano) November 17, 2017