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What coaching is all about, in one minute

Tom Bainter is the head football coach at Bothell High School, in a suburb to the north and east of Seattle. Bainter loves what he does. You can see that in his eyes, the way they smile when he talks, and how much his body language shows that he enjoys what he's talking about.

But you can also tell from the words he says.

In this interview with KINGG-TV, Bainter explains why he does what he does perfectly.

"We teach life through the game of football," he says. "Our goal when we sit down and we talk about our kids and we show them a powerpoint of our vision is we want them to one day be better husbands and better fathers, better business owners and better people. And we think the game of football is an excellent place to teach that.

"We're all about family first. The teams that I've coached over the years, the best ones are the ones that are the closest. Those things are a challenge because we're dealing with kids that are all about independence. 'I don't want to have a curfew and I want to have my phone. Can I get a car? Can I stay out late? Can I do what I want? And that's natural. We all did that.

"You take that kid now and you say, let's put yourself last and let's put the team first. It's tough to do, it's a challenge but it's one of the fun things that I enjoy about coaching. It's one of the neat things that when you see it coming together you say, 'This is why we do this thing.'"

Coach Tom Bainter from @BHSBlueTrain shares his coaching philosophy! I love it and think every coach should listen.

— Chris Egan King-5 TV (@ChrisEgan5) October 11, 2017