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What coaching staffs were the best and worst values of 2014?


Steve Berkowitz, the same man who put together the USA Today head coach and assistant coach salary database, came out with a chart recently detailing which coaching staffs were the best value of the 2014 season.

The formula took into account the annual salary of the head coach, and his nine assistants and their total number of wins up until this point in the season.

Of the 105 programs that made their 2014 salary information available, 11-2 Northern Illinois provided the best "bang for the buck" factor, costing just $116,820 per win. Worst on the list? Colorado who won just two games, costing just over $2.3 million per win.

Not surprisingly, non-Power 5 conferences dominate the top of the list, but the first Power 5 school listed is Oregon at #36.

The bottom ten teams include some of the larger names in college football including programs like Iowa State, Washington State, Michigan, Texas and South Carolina.

Take a look at the full break down here. Below is a shot of the top 10, and bottom 10 coaching staff values of 2014.

Top 10 values


Bottom 10 values