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The NFL coaching staffs for the East-West Shrine game have been identified

Back in late December, the NFL announced a new partnership with the East-West Shrine Game aimed at increasing development opportunities for coaches in the league by supplying the coaching staffs for the game.

“The East-West Shrine Game is not only a showcase for tremendous athletes who have a dream of playing at the next level, it is also a venue for upwardly mobile coaches in the NFL," NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent shared in the Shrine Game official release. “This is an opportunity to further develop, evaluate and showcase our assistant coaches who may be our next generation of head coaches.”

According to Josh Norris, the staff will be composed of coaches from the Colts (5), Panthers (4), Vikings (4), Eagles (3), Ravens (3), Bucs (3), Cardinals (2) and 1 coach each from the Bengals, Chargers, and Titans.

The coaching staff duties for the game are as follows, according to Norris.

West Head Coach: George Edwards

West Defense

West Offense

DC - Larry Foote

OC / QBs - Kevin Stefanski

DBs - Greg Williams

RBs - Jemal Singleton

DBs - Deshea Townsend

WRs - Cam Turner

LBs - Dave Borgonzi

TEs - Andrew Janocko

DL - Drew Wilkins

OL - Hank Fraley

ST - Marquice Williams

East Head Coach: Brentson Buckner

East Defense

East Offense

DC - Brad White

OC - Duce Staley

DBs - Curtis Fuller

QBs - Press Taylor

DBs - Dino Vasso

WRs - Bobby Engram

LBs - David Lippincott

TEs - Richard Angulo

DL - Sam Mills Jr.

OL - Frank Guifre

ST - Chase Blackburn

This opportunity allows these coaches a great chance for further development as coaches, and it allows allows them to work with, and network with guys that they'd otherwise have no experience with, and that's great for the future of the game and these individuals involved. Not to mention the firsthand experience they'll get with potential NFL players.