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College coach issues warning for high school players that transfer "to get recruited"

It happens in communities big and small all over the country - high school players leaving their school for another school with the hopes that they'll get more "exposure" to be recruited by college coaches.

Coastal Carolina's Cory Bailey, who serves as recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach and is also a former head coach at the Division II level at Assumption College (MA), took to Twitter earlier this month to speak out against it to high school players who are considering it.

While a few high profile prospects a year decide with their families to pick up and move their entire lives to a nationally recognized program somewhere, there are a ton of other kids that coaches lose to programs just up the road or in a neighboring town or county because those kids, or their parents, think that college coaches will find them easier.

Now, sure, in rare cases that may be true. But those are the exception, not the rule regarding this issue.

Coach Bailey's message to those players is simple: Transferring is simply not the answer. Loyalty is important to college coaches. Make the most of where you're at, ball out, get good grades, be respectful, have high character and work hard, and college coaches will find you.

High school coaches who often lose talented players to nearby programs will appreciate coach Bailey's message as well, and it may be smart to put it up somewhere in your facility for the next talented kid in the program to see so they can bring it up to their parents at home when the topic comes up in conversation.