College Football Hall of Fame severely damaged by protesters

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Update: On Saturday, the Hall released this statement on Twitter:

We want to thank our amazing community and our fans across the country for their help today, the kind words you’ve shared, and your messages of support!

Today we began the process of picking up the pieces and repairing what was lost at the College Football Hall of Fame. Thankfully our legendary artifacts and treasures remain, everything else we can replace. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

The College Football Hall of Fame was severely damaged and looted by last night by people protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week.

Pictures and videos emerged throughout of the night of smashed and destroyed windows and displays. There have been multiple reports of people looting the Hall of Fame's gift shop.

This morning, Hall of Fame CEO Kimberly Beaudin told Maura Sirianni that none of the artifacts or historical memorabilia were damaged thankfully.

In a statement released by Beaudin she added, "We are heartbroken to see the damage to our city and the Hall of Fame. As our Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said, we are better than this, better than this as a city, better than this as a country.

"In the coming days and weeks, we'll work to pick up the pieces to rebuild the sacred walls that housed memories and honored those who played the game, many of whom fought these same injustices throughout their storied careers."

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