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College Football Playoff Championship Trophy unveiled


College football is a sport not short on trophies. Exhibit A:


Add another one to the list, as the College Football Playoff organization unveiled its own championship trophy on Monday morning.


CFB executive director Bill Hancock said the trophy was designed to be unique - mission accomplished - and hoist-able. 

“Rarely do you have the opportunity to create an identity and shape it into an iconic object that will be embedded with so much pride and meaning," said Pentagram Partner Michael Gericke, whose firm designed both the CFP logo and trophy. “We are honored to be a part of symbolizing the new era for the College Football Playoff and have it literally come to life with this magnificent trophy.”

The trophy, which does not have a namesake (Vince Lombardi, Larry O'Brien, Lord Stanley) but does have a sponsor (Dr. Pepper), will not be hoisted until it is won in the inaugural College Football Playoff championship on Jan. 12, but it is available for selfies, as Hancock noted to those in attendance.

As for my #hotsportstake: I loved the crystal football trophy from the BCS days (which is sticking around, by the way, it just won't be the one you see lifted on the victor's podium). I thought it was unique and classy. This new trophy, while lacking the quaint charm of the crystal football, is a sleek design that won't be confused for any other trophy. It's hard not to like. 

CFPtrophy fact sheet