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College football's top social media official scholarship offers for 2020

August 1st marks the first time that official offers can go out to the 2020 class, so social media has been flooded with official offer content from college football programs across the country.

Graphics departments have been hard at work on these for a while now, and today is one of their game days. A number of these are really, really well done and executed: some are simple and elegant, others are so spot on for their brand that they deserve recognition, and some have taken the all-important outside-the-box approach to grab some attention.

Here's a running list of some of the best official offer graphics (and video) out there today.

Taking a more artistic approach, while it's not exactly clear right away that you're looking at a scholarship offer until you inspect things a little further, the Razorbacks offer graphic is quite unique.

INDIANA What makes the Hoosiers official offer unique is the use of video AND they also tie in some of their NFL and other successful alumni in to deliver the news. Great creativity.

The home of the Lone Star State embracing the star and incorporating it into a clean graphic that appears to come right from the head coaches desk? Nicely done Longhorns.

RUTGERS Looks like Chris Ash's squad took a page out of ECU's playbook for these, but the virtual execution of it is quite nice.

OREGON STATE The design elements on this Oregon State one are really well done.

Speaking of top-notch design elements, this kind of Game of Thrones looking one with a crumbling backdrop is really cool looking as well

OKLAHOMA The Sooners graphic design department always brings the fire, and their 2020 offers are no exception.

The Sooners also shared a video with their official offers as well from the looks of it, with some bling and some Heisman's being prominently displayed.

HAWAII Simple, and true to the island vibes

The passport theme and execution here is pretty excellent

NORTH TEXAS Kind of digging this futuristic glow that North Texas' offers have

These from Happy Valley might be the most creative ones out there this year

Is there another one you’ve seen you feel strongly should make this list? Tweet / DM me @CoachSamz or shoot me an email at