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College programs across Texas are descending upon Houston to help Harvey relief

Friday update: The cavalry is coming.

The sun is finally, thankfully out again in Houston, which marks the end of Hurricane Harvey's destruction and the beginning of the recovery. Truly, the Harvey story is just beginning in Southeast Texas. And one of the enduring tales to emerge from this story so far is the Cajun Navy, a group of boat owners in Louisiana who simply gathered up and headed west. “We’re trying to do what we can,” said Ben Theriot, an engineer whose house near Baton Rouge was flooded in last year’s storms. “I had people that I barely knew showing up to help me. The best way you can thank somebody for helping you is to go help somebody else.” The Texas college football community has its own version of the Cajun Navy -- call it the Lone Star Convoy. But instead of boats or humvees, this convoy rolls up with 18-wheelers. Texas and TCU already hosted Houston and Rice, respectively.

But now, as you'll see below, Texas, Texas State, Texas Tech, Baylor, North Texas and SMU have or will descend upon Houston with supplies in tow. (Texas A&M is on the road in Los Angeles.)

The culture of college football in this state is just one long history of grudges and mistrust. But it's great to see that when real life happens, what actually matters in life is the only thing that matters.