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Watch: Colorado State horribly mismanaged an end of game shot to beat Utah State

The ending of the Colorado State vs. Utah State game last night provides a lesson in preparation, communication, and maybe even how you decide to structure your staff.

Last night, Colorado State and Utah State went down to the wire in a great Friday night game, and the Aggies escaped with a win thanks to a mismanaged situation at the end of the game.

Addazio and Colorado State had a chance to win the game after they converted a 3rd and 10 from about the +40 after they completed a pass that took them near the 20-yard line.

The clock stopped briefly with 11 seconds left to set the ball and get the chains set, and at that point it looked like mass hysteria on the field.

After the game, Addazio shared that the field goal team was assembled and was ready to go out there quickly in the event that they failed to convert on third down. But that's the thing...they did convert. All the offense needed to do was get on the ball and spike the ball on first down to stop the clock. Then the field goal unit could head out there for a chip shot to get out of there with a one-point win.

But that's not what happened. Instead, a mix of offensive players and the field goal unit were scrambling all over the field. No one had any clue what was going on. By some miracle, they get a snap off with 8 seconds left and rush the field goal, which missed wide left.

Colorado State looked completely and utterly unprepared for the moment.

After the kick, the camera scanned to Addazio, who looked to be scanning the sideline for answers and admitted at his presser after the game that he looked around the sideline to ask who sent the players on.

Following the game, Addazio added "no one sent them in, but they took off on the field. We work on that situationally, but that wasn't the situation for it. It could have been, that's why we had it ready, but it wasn't the situation."

"It just happened, which means that its my responsibility because that can't happen but it did happen. So I'll take the responsibility for that. Having said that, we were perfectly set up, ready to kick the field goal. So, I don't believe that had any impact on the game whatsoever."

"Whether we spiked it and kicked it, or did what we did, that's what happened. But we had a clean setup, a good snap, and a clean swipe at it, just didn't come together. I'm moving on from that one."

See his full comments below.

I feel like it's important to note here, that Colorado State does not have a special teams coordinator, something that has drawn criticism from fans since Addazio announced his staff structure.

Let's let Steve Addazio and Colorado State's blunder here be a lesson for all coaches on how to prepare AND communicate during those critical end of game moments.

This one is painful to watch folks.