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Colorado State offers update on Mike Bobo's health status

Colorado State opens its season on Saturday -- this Saturday, as in five days from now. Hawai'i comes to Fort Collins on Aug. 26 (7:30 p.m. ET, CBS Sports Network), and Mike Bob remains in the hospital. Last week, Bobo revealed a peripheral neuropathy diagnosis, saying, "After our second scrimmage on Saturday night it was determined by doctors that I should be admitted to the hospital to undergo further testing. I feel very encouraged by the test results to this point and hope to have some answers soon."

On Monday, Colorado State AD Joe Parker offered an update, saying Bobo remains hospitalized with no clear date on when Bobo will be released, but that it could, in theory, be in any day now.

"He's still hospitalized. He's been in for a little over a week, this is his ninth day in the hospital," Parker said. "They're still working through diagnostics at the moment. We're encouraged by what the medical staff that's helping him through this is learning and encouraged that we're going to get to a diagnosis where they can arrive at a firm treatment.

"There's still some unknowns at the moment. There is an expectation that any day now he could be discharged from the hospital. I want to make it absolutely clear: we have a singular leader of our football program, and that's Mike Bobo. He's done a remarkable job through the last nine days at staying engaged with this football team, and even though he's not physically present, his presence is felt each and every day as he relays directly to staff and students and is continuing to do probably too much. It's hard to keep a man like Mike Bobo down and we expect that he'll be, at some point yet to be identified, be able to re-join this football team."

With the opener just days away, Parker was asked if he was prepared to name an interim head coach in the event Bobo cannot rejoin the team by Saturday. He indicated a contingency plan was in place, but wasn't ready to reveal it just yet.

"In the near term, we're still just working through with our existing staff resources," he said. "The staff has done a phenomenal job at continuing to implement the plan that Mike put in place. We expect that to occur even through this week if that's necessary.

"I've relied a lot on Mike's input on what (a contingency plan) might look like. I feel comfortable with what we've developed as contingencies; I'm not ready to speak about that yet. Obviously, we're hopeful that this situation begins to resolve itself and we don't have to go down one of those paths, but we're prepared to do so if we need to."