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Colorado State was the victim of THREE controversial OFFENSIVE pass interference calls. Pac-12 sides with officials

Most programs will go the entire season with offensive pass interference being called maybe once or twice.

In Colorado State's 17-3 loss to rival Colorado, the Rams had offensive pass interference called threetimes. All three of them came on receptions that would have put Mike Bobo's team in the red zone, and you could argue that one wiped out a touchdown.

The problem with those three calls? Based on this video evidence, they were really, really, really bad.

From those angles, they sure don't look like any form of offensive pass interference that I've ever seen. Perhaps a different angle will reveal OPI...


Most of the West coast, and especially the Colorado State faithful, have been talking about those three penalties for a few days, with the premise that if those aren't called in a close ball game that ended up 17-3, the game likely shakes out a whole lot different.

After the game, when Mike Bobo was asked about the controversial calls, he simply responded (via The Denver Post) that they "don't make excuses," before adding, “they’re not going to come back and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to play the ballgame over.'”

To make things even more interesting, the Pac-12 reviewed film of the game and determined that "there were no errors of application of the playing rules," according to The Denver Post.

“Pass interference is a judgment call and there were no errors in application of the playing rules during the Colorado State-Colorado game. Each play from each game is reviewed and each game official is graded on his or her performance. Downgraded performances may impact an official’s opportunity to work the postseason or receive future officiating assignments.”

That statement seeing nothing wrong with the calls is a tough pill to swallow even for the casual fan, and it's gotta be even harder for Colorado State fans. Take another look, and judge for ourself.

After the game, Colorado's Mike McIntyre added, “I’ll watch it on film, and calls always go either way. There is no doubt about it. You never complain about officiating.”