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The Colts do something really special for Indiana teams that win the state title

It's rare that an idea comes to my attention that I think every professional team, and a whole lot of college teams, should adopt, but this is exactly that.

The Indianapolis Colts had a special display put together that shows off the teams that capture the state title every year.

Teams that win not only bring home the special hardware, but also have their helmet and jerseys on display for fans to see for a full 365 days until a new champion is crowned.

Check it out.

Every single other NFL team would be smart to do something similar.

Provided that it isn't some form of NCAA violation (and it wouldn't surprise me if it was), big programs without an NFL team in-state like Nebraska or Oregon would be smart to do something similar to capture the interest, and show appreciation to the top high school programs, recruits, and coaches in the state.

Excellent idea Indianapolis.