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Schefter: Colts could turn search to Matt Rhule again

Josh McDaniels has backed out on the Colts, and the club is now in an incredibly tough spot.

Indianapolis will reportedly honor the contracts of the assistants McDaniels had already hired, which means the next head coach would not get to fully hire his own staff. The Colts are also now last up to bat after thinking they had one of the NFL's rising stars signed, sealed and delivered.

And one could have college implications.

The Colts are reportedly circling back to other coaches they interviewed before hiring McDaniels, which includes Baylor head coach Matt Rhule. Adam Schefter, who broke the story of McDaniels backing out on Tuesday night, went on SportsCenter to say Indianapolis could seek to speak with Rhule again.

Note that Schefter said "could" and not "will" here; that's a significant difference. It was also reported last month that Rhule himself pulled out of the Indianapolis search on the first run, not the other way around.

Oh, and all of this is playing out as Baylor looks to secure a Top 25 recruiting class.